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Weekend in Sydney

We’ve just returned from a fun weekend in Sydney.

Amber and Tony went to the Sydney Aquarium on Friday:

Amber in front of tank at Sydney aquarium

We also went to the stage show for the Lion King on Friday night, which was amazing (but have no photos for it of course).

On Saturday we did some shopping at Paddy’s market then met up with old friends and had a very yummy lunch of seafood, divine desert (it was divine partly because I pinched everyone else’s), and an excellent Sauvignon Blanc at Nick’s Seafood.

On Sunday we caught the ferry across to Taronga Zoo where we saw lots of interesting animals, including a very lonely elephant:

On the ferry going to Taronga Zoo, Harbour Bridge behind us

Amber, Tony and a sad elephant

and returned to an afternoon snack at the Belgian Beer Cafe where we had a lot of amazing Belgian beer and belgian chocolate mousse:

Belgian cholcolate mouse with rochefort no 10

Fab weekend!

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  1. Maureen Says:

    I was interested to read of your outings as I am taking my adult daughters to Sydney for the long weekend in May and am planning what to do. Think I will include Paddy’s Market and the Belgian Beer Cafe – any other ideas??

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