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We created a great site

I feel really good today…I finished the last part of a client project that I have been working on over the past 7 months.

No, I don’t feel good that I have finished with the client. I feel good because the redesigned site is great, and because working on it has been a real team effort.

We did a final round of usability testing on it today, and participants just flew through – it was one of those tests where things were so easy that participants looked at me like ‘what, is that all, surely it should be harder’ (no, the scenarios weren’t too easy – last test things were more difficult). They also really liked the look of the site – almost everyone commented immediately on how attractive it was, without any prompting. Gosh it is good to hear “wow, that looks good” and “I really like that it’s a lot more logical than the old one”

We also ran a short test with people who are using assistive technologies for motor impairments, or using voice software. From a site that is completely inaccessible (slippery flyout navigation, tiny targets etc) to one that they can actually use, is amazing for them and for us.


I’ll be writing up a case study on this for work, as we followed a good UCD process throughout – will let you know when its done.

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  1. Mark Thristan Says:

    Donna, have you pinched yourself yet to make sure that you are not dreaming?

  2. donna maurer Says: