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The proof of the site is in the reading (digital web mag redesign)

Last week one of the most repeated items in the blogosphere was the release of the redesigned Digital Web Magazine (one of my favourite sites btw).

I must admit that on first look I didn’t like it. I thought it looked a bit blah, especially compared to the stronger previous visual design. But who am I to say – I have little visual design skill, so I wasn’t going to comment (especially when everyone else was saying how fab it was ;)

So why am I commenting now? Well something interesting happened during the week. I all of a sudden started to use the site a whole lot more. I discovered articles that I had missed first time ’round. I’d read one article and then follow it to another. I read the news from the screen instead of my RSS reader.

Why did this happen? Well, I truly believe that it was the improved IA. The listing of articles by topic is excellent – mostly well grouped, and much easier to find interesting things. It is easier to see what a particular author has written (providing an easy way to see articles that might be related), and the list of articles by title shows the breadth of content very well.

So the proof of the site is in the reading, not in the looking…

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  1. Nick Finck Says:

    Thank you Donna, this is exactly what we were hoping to hear. We did hear it from our focus groups and from our testers, but it’s good to hear it from a reader outside of the focus group.

    I owe a lot of credit for the IA to Christina Wodtke, her initial stab at the blueprint really pushed us to the next level.

    To give you a better perspective here is how things mapped out in actual working hours:

    IA – 1 year
    Design – 1 month
    Development – 2 weeks
    Programming – 2 weeks

    It’s good to see all of that hard work has paid off for at least some readers. The whole concept was to drive users not just to current and new articles but to let them explore the depths for all of the past articles we have published. There is some great material in there that used to get overlooked because of the old IA, now people are starting to notice it again.. it’s like these old articles are reborn.

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