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Some sites just don’t get it

Some sites just don’t think about what users want. Here’s a scenario:

“On the way home today, Donna heard a Coldplay song that she hadn’t heard before. She has one album that she listens to endlessly, so wonders whether the song is from something older, or maybe there’s a new album. She goes to the Coldplay website to look at their list of albums to see whether she should ask someone to buy it for her for her birthday in 12 days”

Grrrr….where the hell is the discography or list of releases?

2 Responses to “Some sites just don’t get it”

  1. eric Says:

    you can find it here

  2. donna maurer Says:

    Ahhh…2 things happened here. ‘Sights & sounds’ didn’t give me the right clue, and the navigation doesn’t work in Firefox.

    Thank you

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