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New information architecture workshop

At work, we’ve just announced a new workshop – one that is very special to me. Introductory Information Architecture. It will be intially running in Canberra and Sydney, Australia in October this year.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to teach core information architecture skills in a short time (it is a one-day workshop) and in a way that involves practical work to maximise learning and retention. I think the workshop will do this pretty well…

One Response to “New information architecture workshop”

  1. Caleb Brown Says:

    This post intrigued me. I’m trying to retool my role as a crisis-driven implementer, and become more of a planner and user advocate instead (you know, prevention is better than cure). I’d like to take this introductory course, but I live in the Northeast of the U.S.

    Anyone know of similar offerings in New England?