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Mouse gesturing is already habitual

I installed Firefox mouse gestures 2 days ago on my work computer. Now I’m using my home computer, I keep wondering why I’m not going back when I scrape the page. I picked it up so fast…

Did I tell you how much I love Firefox – it is one cool browser, and some great extensions just make it better!

2 Responses to “Mouse gesturing is already habitual”

  1. Andyed Says:

    Donna, consider gestures a personal birthday present to you. I founded the project in 2001 and it’s since been contributed to by dozens of dozens.

  2. Colin Simpson Says:

    Hi Donna (and Andyed)

    Thanks for the info on mouse gestures – I’m having a ball with it and have managed to pick up most of them quite quickly.

    Before this I didn’t really see much point in mozilla over IE (not having seen the benefit of tabbed browsing which I do now as well) but this is a winner. Nice one guys.