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It’s my birthday

Hey, today is my birthday!!

As a birthday gift, I’d really like to know who’s reading – email me (donna at or leave me a comment…

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  1. James Spahr Says:


  2. Ben Kraal Says:

    *waves hello*

    Happy Birthday, Donna!

  3. jarrod Says:

    Hi Donna, I’m Jarrod, a new, but avid reader of your website living in PEI, Canada. Happiest of birthdays and I hope you have many, many more.

  4. Hayden Vink Says:

    Happy Birthday Donna!!
    I read your blog!

  5. James Robertson Says:

    Well, I’m reading. ;-)

    Happy birthday! :-)


  6. Colin Simpson Says:

    Hi Donna, Happy Birthday.

    Funnily enough I’ve not popped by here in a while but was looking through my favourites and thought I’d stop in. Nice to see you’re still doing your thing, liked the spice experiment.



  7. Alexander Says:

    Happy birthday. House looking good. I’ll show you mine some day. :)

  8. onceagle Says:

    Donna, Happy Birthday!

  9. onceagle Says:

    Happy Birthday!
    I like visiting your blog.

  10. Daniela Meleo Says:

    Hi Donna, Happy Birthday for yesterday. It was great meeting you the other night: maybe next time we can chat a bit longer! I always enjoy catching the latest from your blog… hope you had a lovely day. cheers… D

  11. Matt Goddard Says:

    Happy birthday for yesterday. Keep up the good work, the blog is fantastic!

  12. Joe Says:

    Happy birthday, girl! Hope you have (had) a great one. Yes, a regular reader–you’re saved in my Blogs link list.

  13. Joey Says:

    happy birthday!

  14. Paula Thornton Says:

    Donna: Happy belated b-day. Only ended up here following links from B&A — reviewing the notes from the conference. Thanks for your participation and energy…it all added to the experience.

  15. ben Says:

    happy birthday Donna – better late than…
    never one to miss an offer to post my web log address ;) BTW – came here via the IAwiki (in case you are interested)

    - was going to try and add an april fool prank – but couldn’t come up with one :( (

  16. thom haller Says:

    Hi. I was yakking with Beth on the IDBLOG and I followed your strong (and well structured) words to this “happy birthday” opportunity.

    I will explore further!

  17. David Cooke Says:

    Happy belated birthday Donna. This is my usual monday morning reading newsgroups and blogs.

    Hope your birthday was a nice celebration….Cheers

  18. redstar Says:

    Is this too late to say “Happy Birthday”? :)

  19. Edward Says:

    Hey, happy birthday? its like i found you on google because i was searching people with birthdays on March 29, so we have the same birthday! u were like the 6th search site from the top, how interesting, o well, thought u outa know… baiii!

  20. Caronne Says:

    Belated Happy Birthday to my fave IA :-)

    Cheers Caronne

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