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Donna Loves Jakob

This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. To explain I have to tell you how I was ego-surfing (this is embarrassing but worth it for the story)…I had been looking at Userati (I’m not listed) and was googling my name in combination with other people, partly to see how I’d rank if I was listed. This was actually an interesting way to ego-surf – my name alone shows too many results to find interesting stuff, but in combination, I found a lot of inward links that I didn’t know about.

So I googled “Donna Maurer” “Jakob Nielsen” just to see what would happen, and got this interesting looking result:

I was very surprised that my Boxes and Arrows bio would say that was one of my favourite websites. Then I realised that this was two snaps of information from the same page – it neatly snapped two sentences that when run together made complete sense. How bizarre – I know how all of this works, but it still caught me out…

(btw, Jeanene Landers Steinberg loves google and Jakob)

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  1. Chris McEvoy Says:

    Donna, I am pleased to inform you that your name has been submitted to the ‘Userati Admissions Panel’ for consideration.


    After careful consideration and discussion the panel has decided to admit you into the ‘Userati Social Network’. You have been given a rating of 81.4 (101 of 129). Now you are one of the ‘Userati’ this rating should rise due to your close association with the higher echelons of this group.

    You are most closely associated with Lou Rosenfeld and Christina Wodtke.

    You are now allowed to call yourself a ‘Userati’ and may display the Userati logo on any of your sites.

    We have decided to grant you membership of this illustrious group for the following ‘Top Ten’ reasons:

    1) You Love Jakob.

    3) You were nice about Nick’s redesign.

    4) You have a healthy disregard for ‘Gurus’.

    5) You are sarcastic at times.

    6) You find it difficult to keep your mouth shut.

    7) You put design and your users before mythically based guidelines.
    8) You admit to being a nerd.

    9) You failed the HFI test.

    10) We are both in the UPA.

  2. donna maurer Says:


    Great reasons…

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