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Damn Spam!

I haven’t written anything substantial here for ages – not because I haven’t had good thoughts, but I’ve been terrorised by spam.

My various anti-spam measures have been fighting with one another. I was running MT-blacklist on this weblog and Knowspam on my email. I couldn’t get email notifications when people left comments (unless they were on my good addressees list on knowspam) so had to rely on finding comments with MT. But MT (2.64) only showed 5 comments at a time, so despamming was pretty tiresome. Anyway, the upshot was that managing spam was starting to take up a lot of time.

So I decided to upgrade MT on the vague marketing promise of ‘better comment management’. That went reasonably well, but then I found out that I needed a new version of MT-blacklist. Tired, I set comments to ‘moderate’ and decided to finish up later.

So I got home today and found 16,000 comments waiting for approval. Yes, I thought that it was a bug in the interface as well, but it was real (taking away MT-blacklist left me open to the spambots). Hours later and I have removed all of the comments (400 at a time), installed a new version of MT-blacklist, configured, re-configured, stuffed around, deleted files and finally got everything working.

I hope…

Now I’m too tired to write. Maybe on a spam-free day I’ll have something to say.

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