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A new RSS aggregator

I’m onto my third RSS aggregator. Syndirella was OK, but didn’t let me to mark things unread. Feedreader was nice but too flaky (and has stopped being developed), so today I downloaded RSS bandit.

It’s nice so far. Its free (which was my number 1 criteria), lets me mark things as unread or for further interest, has a tabbed browser within, has good keyboard control, is easy to set up my feeds, and allows me to categorise them.

I’m pretty happy so far.

4 Responses to “A new RSS aggregator”

  1. Alexander Says:

    Donna, have you tried BlogLines ( It’s an online aggregator with a host of useful things. I just started using it a week ago, and I’ve replaced any old aggregator I had. Oh, and it is in continous development.

  2. Daniela Meleo Says:

    Hi Donna, if you’re still comparing, give AWASU a whirl. The Personal Edition is free. It’s my first aggregator & I’m finding it really easy to use. (My kids also love it when it “moos” when there’s an error!) D

  3. redstar Says:

    You may want to look at this blog.

  4. Donna Says:

    Thanks for the tips Alex & Daniela – I’ll have a look at those.

    Redstar – had a look at the post you mentioned. I have had a couple of blogs return errors but can still get to them. I’ll keep my eye on it…