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You know you’re an IA when…

…you have to create a book of family recipes for a wedding present and can think of at least 10 different ways to organise the content…

But I have a cunning plan – lots of indexes!

(hmmm…maybe I should abandon the printed version and create her a website)

One Response to “You know you’re an IA when…”

  1. michael Says:

    it’s funny. i find that i organize less for myself than for others. my cds, for instance, are only organized within 5 categories and are arranged alpha numerically within each. my recipe file, on the other hand, is not organized at all. that might be because i really on cookbooks more than recipes, though. but, if i had to prepare a set of recipes for someone else, i have no doubt that i’d be compelled to find a way to make finding recipes easier for them. no doubt that would include lots of classification decisions.

    so i guess that makes me an ia? i should start a thread on ia/ asking people how they organize various collections of information. the ia discussion group i get together with every month had a similar discussion about how we use to do lists.