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Writing makes me distracted

I’m having a terrible time writing at the moment. At work I’m writing the content for a usability workshop I have planned. I did a brain dump and wrote 13 pages of rough notes. Now I’m trying to turn the rough notes into solid coherent paragraphs.

And I’m having such a hard time doing it. All I’m doing is distracting myself. Today I checked my work email, I checked my home email, I checked my uni email, I rang a friend, I sent some email – then I did it all over again. I was only managing to write for about 5 minutes without finding something else to do.

And what should I be doing rather than writing this entry. You guessed it ;)

So, tomorrow’s plan – no caffeine, no mailer opened and no web browser opened. I might be able to write another 5,000 words if I concentrate.

Gosh – and I thought I might write a book one day. Not looking likely!

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