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Who’s cooking dinner

Two statements from the waitress tonight:

“I’m sorry, but we’ve been having some problems with our computer system”

“So your dinner will take a little while longer”

Sorry, who was cooking the dinner? What role should a computer have in determining how long my dinner takes…

2 Responses to “Who’s cooking dinner”

  1. Emily Says:

    Please don’t be hard on a server who tells you that your dinner may take longer because of computer trouble. Its not their fault. Most restaurants these days have an computerized ordering and billing system. Servers are instructed to ask you what you want and then make your selections on a computer screen moments later. After that, they assume your order will go to the kitchen and come out when its ready. If the computer system has a problem and the orders don’t queue correctly in the kitchen, your food will take longer. Most of the time these systems increase efficiencey (especially in larger restaurants) and make billing more accurate.

  2. Bill Harper Says:

    When the waitstaff (is that the PC term?) puts the order in, the system should acknowledge that it has in fact received the order. That way, if the waitstaff don’t get the confirmation, they can fall back to the ol’ “write it down on a pad and hand it to the cook” method.

    When I go to a restaurant, it’s usually because I’m hungry. And when I’m hungry, my temper can get a little frayed. Believe me, it will be worth their time to change the system.


    P.S. Thanks for dinner that night, Donna. It was great fun.