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What shall I read?

I’m in transition – university has finished for the year and it’s time for me to resume my normal life. I’m actually finding it pretty tough – my habit is to finish dinner and sit in front of the computer for a couple of hours studying every night, and I can’t quite break the habit.

So I need something to read. I have heaps of geek books to read (just picked up ‘The Social Life of Information’ this week), but I think I need to leave them for a while (well, maybe I’ll continue to read about activity theory, and I do have a Don Norman half read…)

So, what fiction should I read? I like (in order of current favourites):

  1. Nick Earls
  2. William Gibson
  3. Nick Hornby
  4. Katherine Kerr
  5. Robert Jordan (just because I have to get that series finished)
  6. Jessica Adams, Maggie Alderson

In more abstract terms, I like things that are well written but modern (OK, I admit to not liking many literary classics) with characters who are insightful or interesting (which doesn’t always mean likable). I don’t mind good fantasy, but have read most of the high-profile series. I quite like relationship-type stories as long as they have real characters (note – I said relationship, not romance). I could probably even give crime a go as long as it wasn’t tediously detailed.

So, go on, tell me what I should read (and if you live nearby, what you’ll loan me ;)

4 Responses to “What shall I read?”

  1. Ron Zeno Says:

    Just read one of the Jordan (WoT) books (7-CoT) after an extremely long time since reading the previous book. While I didn’t think it was as bad as many of the reviews, I find Jordan’s descriptions of places and people tedious and repetitive. It would be a much better book edited to half the length.

    One author whom I recommend that I discovered when I first began reading Jordan is Guy Gavriel Kay. Don’t think I’ve ever found his books used, which is why I picked up the Jordan book instead.

  2. Joe Says:

    Without hesitation, I STRONGly recommend “The Bug” by Ellen Ullman…a novel about programming, usability, and QA! Absolutely gripping.
    Another must-read is “The Blindfold” by Siri Hustvedt…a breathtaking novel.

  3. Keith Says:

    Well, don’t read Jordan if you intend on “finishing the series” any time soon. I tried to re-read it to catch up, got about 1/3 of the way through and realized I’d have to wait another 10 years for the final volume.

    Gibson is good, if a bit heavy. I’d agree with Ron that Kay is really good, I’ve read all of his books and they’re really great. You may also try Sean Russell or Gregory Keyes in the Fantasy department.

  4. Joe Says:

    Another book, especially in the scifi vein…”The Watch” by Dennis Danvers. Man, this is a cool book: what happens when Russian anarchist Alexander Kropotkin is snatched from his 1921 deathbed by a mysterious time traveller from the distant future and deposited into 1999 America. Really well-written, playing down the time travel and playing up the social impact on a person this could have, plus the impact Kropotkin has on those around him.