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Rude flash designs

Flash has a reputation for being “bad”. And having to hunt up Flash websites this week for uni, I can see why.

I have found lots of sites with Flash intros and fully Flash sites and, apart from some posted on SIGIA-L today, most of them are particularly awful. But it isn’t Flash at fault – it is poor interaction design and no consideration of users.

The two things that I noticed frequently were:
- non-intutitive navigation, often hidden
- opening up new windows, at a fixed size and not resizable.

The former just made it difficult to figure out what I was meant to do, but the latter made me mad.

I have a particular way of browsing – I’m on a slow internet connection and browse a lot. I use Mozilla or Phoenix, and usually open up heaps of tabs then go and make coffee while all of the pages load. I like to keep all of the sites I have open (and it can be up to 30) in one browser window. I **HATE** it when sites open up in new windows, and it is even worse when the windows are something tiny that I can’t resize. This is just so rude – it rips away all of my control. I just won’t continue with a site that does this too me. Life’s too short to bother!

PS. I’m enjoying Flash and I can see some interesting potential. So, if you have any Flash sites that you think are particularly wonderful leave me a comment…

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