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I had to write a project proposal today. I was interested in the topic and have been looking forward to writing about it. But I was tired and wasn’t feeling like writing. So I procrastinated.

Here’s my top 10 ways to procrastinate at work:
- make a cup of tea. Make another cup of tea. Go to the shop and buy milk and make another cup of tea. Spend the rest of the day jittering (I have a low tolerance for caffeine)
- clean my desk – shuffling piles of paper until it looks tidy
- open up all the sites on my blogroll and see what everyone is writing about (unfortunately I read it all last night, so there wasn’t much new)
- do little no-brainer jobs, convincing myself that it is better to get them out of the way so I can concentrate on the big job
- write a to-do list, convincing myself that it is better to be organised before I get stuck into the big job
- organise my computer files and emails, convincing myself that it is better to feel organised before getting stuck into it
- pray for distracting emails that I have to read straight away (unfortunately today was a quiet day on the lists I subscribe to at work)
- buy chocolate
- eat chocolate
- talk with colleagues about the x-files and go hunting on the Internet for boxed sets of DVDs

But, in the end, there was nothing to do but write the proposal. And in the end it was good. I should have started it earlier…

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