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Powerpoint Haiku

Following from yesterday’s post:

Powerpoint is bad
It hurts my elegant words
I just want to speak

6 Responses to “Powerpoint Haiku”

  1. Joshua Kaufman Says:

    Is there a rule that you have to use PowerPoint?

  2. Donna Maurer Says:

    No, but it is the easiest as I know and have it – at the moment, I don’t have time to fiddle around learning something else…

  3. owen Says:

    well then, I guess you don’t have a choice. stop using elegant words! but then what fun would it be?
    I have usability issues. :(

  4. infosophy: socio-technological rendering of information Says:

    Does PowerPoint make us stupid? — using actor-network theory

    I had come across few times before on pieces describing the potential of PowerPoint to dumb-down people’s way of thinking. The same is suggested in the following CNN article Does PowerPoint make us stupid?. That technology affects social structures and…

  5. louise Says:

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  6. louise Says:

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