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OZCHI 2003

I’ve just returned from three days at OZCHI 2003 (Australia’s equivalent of CHI, run by CHISIG). I love this conference – it gives me a break from practical work and gives me a chance to think about what is happening in academia and in our industry. It is my only conference where I get to spend 3 days with people as passionate about HCI as I am, both talking about work and having darn good chats about everything else.

Some of my favourite moments included:

  • talking to Alan Dix on a noisy bus about whether it is possible to define UCD, and lots of other random subjects (it was also fun to talk with someone who changes topic faster than me and draws pictures in the air as much as I do!)
  • attending Tom Hewett’s tutorial on memory & problem solving, and playing memory games all day
  • catching up with people I met last year (although I still missed a couple of people) and talking with lots of people I hadn’t met before
  • having far too many interesting thoughts to remember!

Excellent stuff! Time to read the proceedings and get all of this settled in my head…

(And if I talked to you there and didn’t say goodbye – sorry, had to leave early to catch my flight home. Email me – donna at

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