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New computer

I have a new computer, and its fast (you really need to hear the sound effect that goes with that). Photoshop loads in a blink (on my last one, opening Photoshop was a good time to make a cup of tea)

But, it is very odd having a fast computer, and still a slow Internet connection – I guess satellite is our next move…

3 Responses to “New computer”

  1. Joshua Kaufman Says:

    How expensive is satellite over their. My parents live in the boondocks of rural Pennsylvania and I have suggested satellite several times, but the cost was restrictive.

  2. Dennis Reed Says:

    I’m in the opposite boat: slow computer but fast connection. We’ve been on a fat pipe for ~8 years, but my box is an aging Celeron 2@500MHz. My brother recently built a new Athlon XP 2200+ computer and I’ve had a strange experience on it:

    IE opens windows and load pages so quickly when I shift-click that I thought I’d lost a rather long email my girlfriend was writing…


  3. Donna Maurer Says:

    testing testing old stuff