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Moods & writing

It is amazing how much my mood affects my writing.

I’m working on an article tonight. I had already written the intro, and started working on the middle. I was a bit tired, and a bit stressed about a ‘target practice’ meeting I’m presenting at tomorrow. What came out of my fingers wasn’t worth reading. It was garbage – boring, linear and very uninteresting.

I packed away and went to watch my favourite TV show (actually, the only TV show I regularly watch). This show always picks me up, and by the time I came back to the computer I was feeling much better. I got back into my normal voice, rewrote all of the paragraph intros and most of the guts of the paragraphs. Easily – it just rolled out.

Now I like my article. Just a bit more tidying, some illustrating, some tightening of the end and it’s ready to go…

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