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Melbourne weather

I’ll be in Melbourne for the next few days. Melbourne has a reputation for ‘all seasons in one day’. Well, the forecast for the next few is:

  • Wednesday – 19C (suit with long shirt)
  • Thursday – 25C (summer dress)
  • Friday – 30C (shorts, tank top & sandals)

Geez – I’m going to have to pack my entire wardrobe for a 3-day visit. At least Canberra is either consistently cold or consistently roasting…

2 Responses to “Melbourne weather”

  1. Ron Zeno Says:

    Ever lived in high desert? The worst I’ve seen was in Utah (USA) where the high of the day was 38 or so (horribly hot – no one stays outside for long) and the low was about 5 (snow).

  2. donna Says:

    Wow…Melbourne was completely consistent compared to that!