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Mark Hurst on usability again

Why does Mark Hurst hate usability people so much. His bites at them are recurrent and stereotypes them as writing useless reports and dealing with irrelevant detail. I know lots of great usability people who do focus on strategy and improving the user experience – I don’t know who he’s hanging out with…

3 Responses to “Mark Hurst on usability again”

  1. Gunnar Langemark Says:

    No love lost.

    Usability people sometimes go over the top and single out users needs as the only needs to be considered. It’s as if “If they can do it easily it’s the best design”.

    Just like some designers loose sight of the overall goal an focus and go on and on about “cool design”.

    And just like some business managers cease to care about quality altogether, and just want to meet the Q3 target, regardless of the quality of design, usabilty, functionality, and customer satisfaction.

    But among the three – I think that (there is a trace of a tendency that) usability people are the most arrogant in their academical superiority.

    Just my 2cent


  2. Alexander Says:

    Gunnar : Isn’t it a bit, hmmm, arrogant to assume all usability people are a) arrogant and b) academic? What about us non-arogant, non-academic usability people?

    I find your comment a bit alien; I’ve never ever met an arogant usability person, quite the contrary. Where do you find them?

  3. Ron Zeno Says:

    Arrogance and ignorance in combination seem to be quite common (and or course, Hurst demonstrates plenty of both – it’s easier gain influence by attacking others than it is to demonstrate your own worth).

    Claiming one group is more or less arrogant than another is meaningless when the groups are meaningless…