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Keyboard support is disappearing

I’ve been using my laptop a lot lately without using a mouse. It does have a touchpad but I’ve been starting to use the keyboard a lot more again, and on my desk computer as well.

I’ve only just noticed how poor keyboard support is getting (you probably know this already, but…). Today alone I noticed:

  • a dialog box with 4 buttons where using the left and right arrows didn’t just cycle through the buttons in the expected direction, it followed some strange pattern
  • dialog boxes with no focus
  • dialog boxes with inconsistent focus within an application (eg some boxes with the focus on cancel, some with OK)

And how on earth do I log into Windows XP without using the mouse???

One Response to “Keyboard support is disappearing”

  1. Richard Soderberg Says:

    To log into OS X, I can press “Tab” or type the first few letters of the name of whom I wish to login as. Then “Enter” (used to be “Space”) selects the person, allowing me to enter a password.