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I’ve been studying too hard

I’ve been working on an essay about user-centred design and its applicability to the design of large information spaces. I think I’ve been working too hard on it…

…last night I first dreamed that I was stuck in a participatory design session that I couldn’t get out of, then dreamed that Captain Picard was fighting for his life and user-centred design…

Maybe I need to get a life!

One Response to “I’ve been studying too hard”

  1. Akhilesh Sabharwal Says:

    Hi Donna,

    If you are seeing Captain Picard fighting for his life, youve beenstudying too hard and neglecting your Star Trek. ur mixing Jean-Luc Picard with James T. Kirk. Kirk fights Picard Surrenders.

    Sorry for the mindless drivel but the prototype is crazy work and i needed a break.

    ps my site is great,(according to me)have a look. there are no design issues with it as far as i am concerned