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Indispensible sites

Over the last week or so I gave myself a break from the computer. Instead of being glued to the screen for hours every day, I did lots of homey things. I made curtains for the new house, baked bread, pies & pastries, planted trees and drank lots of champagne with friends.

In that time, I discovered that there were two websites I could not live without:
- A new TV guide that I found when my regular one decided to do maintenance over the christmas period
- A cool weather radar that shows when rain is on the way (we are in the middle of a big drought, so rain watching is more important than you’d imagine)

But, it’s back to work tomorrow. So not much TV and not so much weather watching, but perhaps more writing…

2 Responses to “Indispensible sites”

  1. Rotwang Says:

    yourTV says: “Cookies Required”

    Ohhh, too bad, slamming the door in my face with a bunk excuse about personalization. I don’t need personalization until I actually want to personalize something. @#$%^&*!

    At a time of *my choosing* I will allow a site to store cookies. This site won’t be touching me *ever*.

  2. donna Says:

    I guess we all have to make decisions about what we put up with. I don’t worry about cookies and get to benefit from a site that I particularly like (and I do use the personalisation features). You worry about cookies and this site loses your business…

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