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I went to a seminar by Gerry McGovern today, titled “Simplicity in Information Architecture Design: How to Design a Simple, Yet Robust Information Architecture”.

Interestingly, when people were describing why they were attending, many mentioned that they were there to learn about content management, content management systems, and perhaps how information architecture fitted in.

Hmmm…not sure what to think about that, but I did think that it was odd that they weren’t there to learn about information architecture.

One Response to “IA & CMS”

  1. Gunnar Langemark Says:

    Maybe because Gerry McGovern has gained fame as one of the celeb personalities of CMS and Content production (with his red book). IA is just a sidekick in that setting.

    It’s only when you try to make your old style map and wireframes work with CMS that you realize that the game has changed and that you need more focus on taxonomy and analysis, and so have to become more well versed in the core skills of IA.

    If that makes sense….