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I figured it out

In the time it took me to make a cup of tea (one of my study habits), I figured out the answer to my last post.

It all has to do with the transition in my routine.

Over the last few months, I have been holidaying – pottering around the house, making new curtains, putting a warp on my loom, watering what little garden I have in the drought, watching X-files DVDs.

Next week I start back into study routine – daughter to bed at 8.00, study 8.30-10.30 every night, no pottering, less TV. More thinking, more structure.

This week is my transition. Clean up the desk, get excited about thinking non-work related things, get the ideas bubbling.

It all seems so obvious now I have thought it…

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  1. Donna Maurer Says:

    OK – I think James has it…nothing to do with routine. All to do with creative ways to procrastinate.

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