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How do I know I got it right

I’ve recently completed a big project. All up, over the past year, it involved the total redesign of an Intranet, the design of the back end content management system, the design of an authoring application and the implementation of all of it. Not only that, but I managed to do a fair bit of interaction design for other business applications as well.

So, at the end of a frantic year, when things are starting to wind down, I look back and wonder whether I did good.

The organisation now has a really nice Intranet. The organisation chart structure has been broken, people are starting to focus on content and noticing that much of the old stuff was very inaccurate. They are starting to figure out what their readers need and how they are going to maintain their content better. People can find information more easily, and are finding stuff they didn’t know existed. It looks nice (which is important), and will provide significant benefit for at least a few years.

So why is it, after stopping working frantically, that I now look back and wonder whether I got it right. All the time I spent doing the content inventory – did it really give me back what I invested. And the card sort I did (yes, that old one again) – did it really help me to create a good hierarchy. Is the information really grouped in the best way for users to achieve their goals?

I don’t know. And that’s a bit scary…

(PS – I know that “I did good” is improper grammar. But it fits)

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