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Holiday pics

We’ve been back in Australia for more than 3 weeks after our California holiday, and I only looked at our photos today.

Here’s my 3 favourites:

cars on Los Angeles freeway
All those cars on the wrong side of the road still makes my stomach leap.

windfarm on another highway
I have never seen a windfarm quite like this…

skyscraper somewhere in LA
Just a cool photo.

2 Responses to “Holiday pics”

  1. David Cooke Says:


    As an Aussie who lived in the USA for 7 years, whenever I said “the wrong side of the road” in the USA, I was abruptly advised that it is “the other side of the road” not “the wrong side of the road”.

    It all depends on your perspective,
    – David

  2. andy Says:

    it looks good hope u had a nice holiday