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Habit formation

I noticed something interesting today relating to intuitiveness & habit formation.

I recently released a new Intranet. The IA is significantly different from the previous one, with completely different top-level categories. I tested extensively (using my ‘Card Based Classification Evaluation‘ method) and am confident that the categories are good and that people are able to find things.

While watching people work on the production system today, I noticed that, even when they found something very easily the first time, they tucked it away in their memory. The next time they had to find the same or related information, they tried to remember where they found it – even though they had found it intuitively the first time.

Now I know how quickly humans develop habit, and how strong habit becomes, but I hadn’t realised the extent to which we do it.

Interesting implications for changing an information structure…

2 Responses to “Habit formation”

  1. melvin F. Bantolo Says:

    please substantiate information on habit formation

  2. Richard Soderberg Says:

    I’ve changed my information research habits to include Google as a primary source of information. It’s worth it, because over time I’ve become more practiced at extracting value from the madness of the Internet.

    Unfortunately, it also adds one crippling flaw: I’m dependent on Internet for much of my knowledge. I can’t answer how to load a config into a Cisco router without it, and during downtime, that’s not helpful.