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Functional specs

I love most of my job. I love sitting with users, learning about the way they work and their needs; I love thinking deeply and brainstorming cool, clever solutions; I love translating the solutions onto paper (or computer) as wireframes or rough prototypes; and I love presenting solutins to peers & users.

But I hate, completely and utterly, writing functional specifications…

2 Responses to “Functional specs”

  1. Ron Zeno Says:

    Dulling the pain of functional specs (writing them, getting final approval, ensuring they are understood, getting them done quickly):

    Get the people who will use the spec to contribute to it. Programmers, tech writers, project managers, even QA specialists are all possible contributors who have vested interest in the specs being done quickly and well. Consultants who bill their time usually hate this approach (less money for them) as well as internal consultants who have nothing better to do.

  2. Donna Says:

    I have done most of the consulting through the process – somehow I just forgot to write it all down properly!