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Feeling dopey about technology

I had an interesting experience with new technology day today.

I spoke to a group of people about a project at work. I raced into the room late from a previous presentation and had to start talking straight away – before my supporting stuff was on screen. So I was feeling a a bit flustered.

When the on-screen stuff was loaded, I was handed a new gadget – a strange wireless hand-held mouse. I can’t find a photograph of it (which says volumes for a couple of shopping sites that don’t have images of products…), but it had a trigger underneath and two buttons on top, held in the palm of the hand with index finger on the trigger and thumb to use the buttons.

Now this gadget was designed quite well. It was light, fit my hand comfortably and the buttons on top were easy to reach with my thumb.

But I felt like a total idiot – in front of a room full of people, I had to instantly learn how to use this gadget. Although it worked in a logical way – hold trigger to move mouse, hold & click to do a normal mouse click – when feeling flustered already, I just couldn’t get it together. This made me continually focus on using the technology rather than allowing the technology support my presentation. I stumbled every time I had to do something more complex than changing the slide.

I think, within a short time, I could use this quite intuitively and would enjoy doing so. But next time I’d like some time to practice…

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  1. Chad Lundgren Says:

    This story reminds me of the time I was on a “short attention span” panel at a convention I help run where topics had to be changed every 3 minutes at most. As the proposor, I had the honor of running a digital kitchen timer, which I had never used before.

    Turning the clock on and off was easy, but the moderator kept killing topics before the 3 minutes were up. Scrambling to reset the time to the 3 minutes quickly made me feel quite foolish. Under such circumstances, an old-fashioned round dial timer would be much easier to use.

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