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Designing no-brainers

Just over a year ago I posted saying that I couldn’t evaluate my own work.

Well, a year on, and I have now figured out how to tell if my stuff is good…and I’m not happy.

When I’ve put in enormous amounts of time and energy, and lots of hard thinking, and the outcome looks like a complete no-brainer, I know it’s right…

4 Responses to “Designing no-brainers”

  1. Ron Zeno Says:

    So, what are you saying? That you’ve developed an intuition, that you’re more confident, both, something else?

    I think the intuition and confidence are necessities of the work. What I find interesting is what they are based upon…

  2. Donna Maurer Says:

    Gosh, I’m not sure what I’m saying…

    I was thinking that it is odd that I put in heaps of really hard thinking, and come up with something that looks really obvious and simple ;)

  3. Ron Zeno Says:

    Okay, that makes sense. The way you tell is by how simple and obvious the final product looks.

  4. me & u Says:

    dose anyone givce a shit?….the value of people