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Current fave books

When I moved into my new office a few weeks ago (I can’t quite believe it was less than 4 weeks ago!), I had to figure out which of my books to take with me, and which to leave at home.

In the end, out of all of the books I own (hmm, which is a few), I decided that the books that I would most likely need to use at work were:

But the one that I keep carrying around with me, and driving into work (which is almost an hour) to pick up, is Mike Kuniavsky’s Observing the User Experience. After only a few months, it is already started to look worn. Thanks Mike for something so damn practical & useful!

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  1. B. Phelps Says:

    I liked the Paper Prototyping book, but I think it is more geared towards people who haven’t done a paper prototype before. I’ve done just 1 myself, yet didn’t find the book to give me great additional value (I was hoping it would). However, I have watched other paper prototypes…