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A new use for scenarios

I used scenarios in a new, effective way this week (look, I’m sure this isn’t new really, but I thought it was interesting).

I usually use scenarios in two ways:
- in evaluating a system (either real utest or expert evaluation)
- as descriptions of real tasks in a user-centred design method (usually when communicating with developers)

This week I used them differently. We have a new project for a new web-based app (that, of course I can’t talk about). We spoke with the client last week, who filled us in on what this new app would do etc. I thought I understood, but wanted to make sure. So, I wrote what I understood of the requirements in scenario form, not to communicate with the developers, but to show the client that I had understood.

They thought this was a fantastic idea – they could quickly see that I was thinking in the same way, that I understood the issues. It highlighted some things that they hadn’t thought through yet, and showed how real people may use the system. They now have more trust in me (given that this is the first project I have done for this client, this is important). And they are thinking of using the scenarios in focus groups, training etc.

So, a good use of a method traditionally used differently…

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  1. Gunnar Langemark Says:

    You just gave me an idea!