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Year in review

Over the last few days, I have read a number of ‘year in review’ summaries.

So, here’s mine. I like to think in terms of what I have given and what I have gotten…

- tutored HCI to two classes at university
- guest lectured in user-centred design & usability evaluation
- mentored workmates in user-centred design & good information architecture
- started a local IA cocktail hour

- learned a lot more about Intranets, CMSs and distributed authoring
- talked to many more users, and added their behaviours to my ‘experience store’
- met lots of fabulous people at conferences and through work

And some other random achievements:
- left a stable, secure public service job to work on contract in the profession I love
- completed the first year of my Masters degree
- moved into my beautiful new house

Hmmm…not a bad year!

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