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What’s happening on the blogs?

I’ve been studying hard over the last week, and haven’t been visiting my favourite sites. I finished early tonight – so here’s what my favourite bloggers have been doing:

  • Christina has a gorgeous cover for her new book. I can’t wait to buy it.
  • James has added his photo to his blog. He has also been very busy card sorting and interviewing, with some interesting summaries. I have to go back and read this better.
  • PeterMe has a book review for a book called “Linked: The new science of networks”, that looks very interesting. I have added it to my Amazon wish list and will get it when the new Polar Bear and Christina’s books are available. Peter also wants to design a CMS for Intranets. Go Peter!
  • PeterV is back from a break from his book, and is still working on the XFML project. I’d love to offer a comment on it, but I don’t yet understand. More to read…
  • Chad has written a really funny entry on applying usability to life…his life specifically

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