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Uni marks

I usually like the end of semester at uni. Waiting for final marks is really exciting. And this semester was no different. I checked the uni website twice a day to find out whether marks had been released.

Can you imagine my horror to find that results were released, but instead of the good mark I was expecting, there was a WH (withheld). This usually means that a student has not completed all work. I was a bit worried…

Anyway, after querying this, I got a note back from my lecturer today. She said that I hadn’t submitted my major assignment, and could I please send it to her. However, I had submitted it, and it had been marked and returned to me. At the time I was surprised at how fast it was returned (a matter of days).

I think I know what happened. I was the only student in my class to hand in the assignment on time. It got marked and returned. Then when everyone else handed theirs in late, mine wasn’t in the bundle, and was forgotten.

Hmmm…pays to be on time, doesn’t it?

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