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Two good online experiences

Two thank-you notes to people I don’t know who have given me very good online experiences last week.

As you may be able to tell, I tackled setting up this blog last week. I considered doing a hosted blog, but wasn’t quite comfortable with putting all of my thoughts into someone else’s hands. So I decided to install and manage it myself.

However, I didn’t have anywhere to host it, so I also had to purchase a domain name and arrange hosting for the domain.

Although I design websites, make them usable etc, I don’t do a lot of the technical work, so this was all brand new for me. And a bit scary!

So, I’d like to say thank you to my new host, AVS Networks, for really good information on the website that allowed me to trust:
1. that they existed
2. that they were reasonably stable
3. that my money was not disappearing into the ether
4. that I could do all this myself.

And thank you to the clever folks at MovableType. Their documentation got me through this with only one or two minor mistakes (and my silly mistakes were easy to detect with good error messages).

It is nice to have online successes…

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