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Promoting IA

Information architects often talk about what we do to ‘promote’ the field. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty that I don’t do a lot of evangelism.

But I do promote the craft in a more subtle way, just by doing what I do best.

And it rubs off. In the last few weeks, I have seen people in the office starting to pick up some of my work practices (or should I just call them habits). For example, the use of post-it notes to organise everything from reports to sites has skyrocketed. One colleague the other day pulled out a bundle of wireframes to discuss, rather than jumping straight into coloured designs. People are really starting to believe that we should talk with users more often (and suggesting it before I do).

So, I do have an impact. Just not the evangelical type…

2 Responses to “Promoting IA”

  1. James Robertson Says:

    Well, *I’m* evangelising your work, particularly to other government departments, suggesting that they get in touch with you…

    If I’m starting to overwhelm your philanthropic desires, give me a yell, and I’ll stop passing the word … :-)


  2. donna Says:

    No, keep up the good work ;)