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Post-it notes

I spent today shuffling post-it notes around my desk. To anyone who does not know me, this must look very odd. To those who work with me, it has become fairly common.

Am I the only person addicted to post-its?

Today’s post-it shuffling was to try to sort out a project plan. I write all of the things I think I need to do, then shuffle them into some sort of timeline/dependency diagram. When I prepare training courses, I write everything I want to present on post-its then shuffle them around until I have a training course mapped out. I do the same whenever I have to write a big report.

Now the best thing about post-it notes is that they have glue. My colleagues think it is very, very funny to walk up to my desk, take a deep breath, and blow!

5 Responses to “Post-it notes”

  1. Beau Lebens Says:

    I totally agree. I have found they are great from everything from planning, task-lists and time management to “short-term” card-sorts and content categorisation experiments.

    It’s one of those times when a simple invention is so much more than it originally appears.

    Also great to hear of another Aussie IA – I’m over here in Perth and wondering if there’s anyone else out there!


  2. Joshua Kaufman Says:

    Elegant Hack pointed to this article about Tinderbox, which I thought might interest you.

    “Tinderbox does an incredible job as a note-taking, brainstorming, information-gathering tool, working much like your brain does to allow you to capture, link, and organize ideas in a flash. It really shines as an IA tool. It allows you to quickly prototype maps of information, establishing links between ideas (or pages or nodes), sites, or other files. Tinderbox is the perfect replacement for those “sticky note” sessions so many information architects are used to. Just start brainstorming, get all the elements that need to be on your site in one place, view them in one of five different views, arrange, link –and you’re ready to go. Tinderbox even exports as HTML, so it’s possible to create entire prototype sites from your Tinderbox sessions.”

  3. Donna Maurer Says:

    Thanks for the tip Joshua – I’ll have a look at Tinderbox.

    Beau – there are more and more IAs popping up in Australia, but I don’t know personally of anyone from Perth. I’ll let you know if I come across anyone…

  4. andrew Says:

    Donna, wasn’t there someone from Perth at the UserExperience Conference in June? Maybe s/he just does usability? -Andrew

  5. Rosie Says:

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