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Odd conversations

So, what makes a relatively normal (if geeky), relatively sensible girl hang out at a bar on a Wednesday night, drinking cider, talking about:
- how and why people put full-stops in metadata fields
- the pros and cons of automatic linking
- what is organisational culture and can you identify it if you are part of an organisation
- how to do the writing to present information a number of ways with a single content source
- whether Jakob Nielsen is helping or harming the usability community…

Why, it was a Canberra information architect’s cocktail hour of course!

2 Responses to “Odd conversations”

  1. Priya Says:

    WOW! For the first time, I actually can relate with people. My whole school is filled with people like us.

  2. Javier Says:

    Hey! im from argentina! im organizating here the first AI Cocktail hour in buenos aires! we got 5 people confirmed here. Its all over the planet ai’s! Get involved!! :) )))
    What tips can you get me for the first Ai cocktail?

    Javier Cabrera