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My community site is ready


The community site I have been building is finally published (albeit with 2 pages to finish):

You know, it wasn’t getting the content organised that took ages, it was sorting out the registration and redelgation – what a slow process.

OK, I know it is very green. I’m not a brilliant visual designer, but I’m getting better (one of my friends said that it is the best green site he has seen – I’m not sure how to take that ;)

Feedback sincerely appreciated.

4 Responses to “My community site is ready”

  1. James Robertson Says:

    Yep, it’s good. Simple, gets the job done.

    The front page is particularly good, as it gives everything you would want to know in a hurry (where, when, what, etc). If only some of the sites I’ve been looking at over the last week gave me this … sigh.

    The buttons down the side are obvious and self-explanatory.

    The only comment I would make is regarding the navigation within the sections. This wasn’t obvious to me at all, for a couple of reasons:

    * It is separated from the navigation on the sidebar, and there isn’t an obvious association between them.

    * They are not obviously navigation links, particularly without the underlining.

    * There is an overlap between the “Who’s exhibiting” sublink, and the main “Exhibiting” category, which probably needs to be resolved.

    I would perhaps move these links to underneath the category they are in the sidebar, as a sort of expanding/collapsing metaphor (but without the silly DHTML widgets).

    Hope this helps,

  2. Donna Maurer Says:

    Hmmm…good idea – I don’t like the secondary navigation either, but couldn’t think of anything better at the time.

    There is an overlap between ‘who’s exhibiting’ and ‘exhibiting’ and I can’t think of better labels. The first is to let people know who will be there, and the second is for all of the information someone needs to know if they want to exhibit. Maybe I’ll change the ‘Exhibiting’ label back to ‘For exhibitors’ if it fits

  3. Damian Gossip Says:

    I think the site works well. The layout is simple and the navigation is fairly straight forward. I can’t see the average Joe having too many problems using the site.

    By saying “it was the best green site i had seen” I was paying you a compliment. I have designed many sites and i am unsure I could do any better :)

    (there is also the fact that I am not a fan of green websites)

    Overall I great job, very impressive and I think it does the job quite well, well done!!

  4. Donna Maurer Says:

    I know it was a compliment ;)