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Gut feeling

I’ve been working on a site map for the last few days (not the type that describes an existing site – the type that describes the likely structure of a new site).

I naively had thought that once I knew the content well, and ran a card sorting session, the site map would magically fall out of this process (I have done the process on a smallish site and it did).

Boy was I wrong. I have good information from a card sort, but not the type of information that will easily give me a site map. So how am I doing it? With a great big dose of gut feeling (and I will be usability testing the site map once I have finished)…

2 Responses to “Gut feeling”

  1. James Robertson Says:

    This is where your experience will come in handy, and as you say, you’ll be testing the end result anyway …

    Good luck though,

  2. asterisk* Says:

    What I’m reading.

    Books. I’m almost finished with MTIV. It’s a nice read, if a bit light. Which is ironic because it took