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First entry

Here is my first entry in my first ever blog.

So, what should I talk about for my first entry. Something profound? Something mundane? Something in-between?

I love blogs. Well, I love lots of other people’s blogs. I realised recently that I wasn’t really ‘surfing’ the Internet much any more (I have heard that many people don’t any more). I was reading people’s blogs, and following their links, and finding out lots of really groovy stuff.

I really want to get back to reading Peter Merholz’ article about Social Network Analysis, and following some of the links. And he has a new article on design that looks interesting. And just today I found some interesting information about complexity theory at ColumnTwo. What good stuff!

So, maybe I’ll be able to contribute to the interesting stuff around as well…

Now a side note about comments. Please include them if you find something interesting (hey, do so if you don’t find it interesting). That’s why I blog!

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