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Content Inventory – day 8

I’m still plugging away with my content inventory (4200 pages so far), and it really is driving me nuts.

I’m keeping going by telling myself how useful this damn list is going to be. Things I can use it for are:

  • identifying different content types
  • identifying who owns each piece of content
  • noting content that is out of date
  • assessing what will happen if I delete pages (as I have a list of all links and where they point to)
  • keeping track of content during the transition from old to new system

But the most important use of this list is to help us to make decisions based on some real content, not just vague ideas about what we have.

2 Responses to “Content Inventory – day 8”

  1. Joshua Kaufman Says:

    I admire your perseverence! I’m getting ready to do a content inventory for my employer. Any advice before I get started?

  2. Donna Maurer Says:

    Some tips:

    - Read the articles from Adaptive Path (mentioned in earlier entries)
    - get an idea of how many pages there are (if possible – in my case I couldn’t estimate)
    - take breaks (I have given myself a slight overuse injury from too much ctrl+c/ctrl+v)
    - take breaks to restore your sanity!

    Let me know if you have any other tips when you start…