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Content Inventory – day 2

I’m on my second day of a content inventory. 641 page titles and URLs listed, and I still have no idea how much more work I have…

Content inventory tip – clear your browser history before you start and use your visited links to show whether you have already listed a page. Don’t list it twice, but cross-reference the primary location. This will give a clearer idea of the number of pages and extent of duplication.

3 Responses to “Content Inventory – day 2”

  1. Eric Scheid Says:

    If at all possible also get your hands on a site map which lists out URLs in the site. There may be one already on the site, or you may need to make one. These big-list-o-links are particularly handy with the visited-link trick you describe.

    Another trick to remember is that with IE you can specify a preference to use your own style sheet, which gives you the chance to override any stupid CSS which defeats the visited link colouring.

  2. Donna Maurer Says:

    There is no site map that lists all urls in the site – the existing site map is hopelessly out of date and never was accurate. There are also masses of files in the directory structure that are not linked into the navigation (part 2 will be seeing how big an issue this is).

    There is no CSS on this site, but there are plenty of places where the authors have changed the link colours in the html. I set my accessibility options in IE to ignore colours, so I can see the visited links.

    Getting there…

  3. Eric Scheid Says:

    Consider using a web-crawler to build the site map. You still need to examine each page, but the web-crawler will ensure you’ll hit every page. It might be worthwhile to do the web-crawler map *after* the manual exploration, just so you can discover those pages whose links to them are really obscure and easily overlooked.