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Content Inventory – day 11

Yippee…I finally finished the big content inventory.

(I actually finished it on Tuesday but was away for a conference and have been writing an assignment since then).

I ended up listing around 5800 pages. This still isn’t a full listing of all pages – where there were consistent sets (eg meeting minutes), I only listed them once – but it is still a really useful list. All I have listed so far is link name and url. Now I have to start going through and identifying what type of documents exist. I also have to pick some of the documents (or small groups) to use in a card sort exercise to determine a structure for the new system.

Then later, of course, I also have to find out who owns every page and whether it is current or complete ROT (redundant, outdated, or trivial). That will be an interesting exercise. I imagine at least 50% ROT.

3 Responses to “Content Inventory – day 11”

  1. andrew Says:

    congrats! what a mammoth job! i am about to embark on something similar. any chance you could send along a sample of your work?

  2. Eric Scheid Says:

    In hindsight, would it have been easier to have used a link crawler to build the complete list first, and then use that like an

  3. Donna Maurer Says:

    Hmmm…I still don’t think this would have worked well in this example. I really wanted to get a feel for structure and groupings of documents. Because some pages had many links to other ‘sections’ and some had links that just twisted around and around, I think that a link crawler would have just gotten into a tangle.

    I can see that in some sites it would be useful, especially if there is already a decent structure.