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Becoming a usability professional

Jakob Nielsen tells us that to become a great usability professional, we need:

  • Knowledge of interaction theory and user-research methodologies, especially the principles of user testing
  • High brain power
  • Ten years’ experience running user tests and other usability activities, such as field studies

Ten years!!

In the past year, I have run 60 usability tests, and over 50 field interviews/contextual enquiries. Do I need another 9 years of this to say that I’m a usability professional? Do my 60 tests a year count for the same as someone else’s 6 tests a year?

I know I’m still learning, and I would like to evaluate a wider variety of products, but how many of us have been doing this for 10 years?

One Response to “Becoming a usability professional”

  1. Hayden Vink Says:

    I guess “it depends” . . . (to quote a certain IA guru) :-)