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Airline bookings

I have just had an interesting experience. I booked flights online for the first time.

And you know what – it was easy! I found my flight times easily, compared costs easily, confirmed easily and provided my money easily.

So why am I so afraid that I am going to turn up at the airport and not have a seat? Bad experiences using website in the past have made me feel that if it is easy, then I can’t possibly have done it right.

2 Responses to “Airline bookings”

  1. Joshua Kaufman Says:

    I’m curious – where did you book the flight? I’ve had several good experiences with Expedia.

  2. Donna Maurer Says:

    I booked with Rex – a newish Australian airline. Booking was OK, but they have already phoned me once with changes to flight times (and I’m not going until the end of November…)